Strictly Overtime Members


Michael Anthony – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keys



Mike is a singer of passion, vocal endurance and presentation with all the mannerisms that stands above the rest. Someone that captivates an audience and leaves them wanting more. These are the qualities of Michael. Mike found his niche as a lead vocalist at the ripe age of 6 singing with his father's band. Mike sought out the "right" instrument to accompany himself. Starting with the accordion, followed by bass guitar,  guitar and finally piano. Over the years Mike became an accomplished singer/keyboardist and in high demand throughout New England. His most recent work was with the popular cover band, "South Street Band" but as in life that came to end after 17 years. Strictly Overtime (SOT) now has the pleasure of sharing the stage with Mike. Mike's influences include Burton Cummings, Steve Perry, Neil Diamond and Bon Jovi to name a few.

Lonny Cormier– Lead Guitar/Vocals



Lonny started playing guitar at 13 and  has played lead guitar and bass for over 40 years. He attended Berklee College of Music in the late 70’s and played in numerous touring bands in the rock, pop, jazz, blues & show-band genres. With his all original band, the Citizens, he backed up the Joe Perry Project, the Fools, John Butcher and accompanied later on his own, Paula Cole and blues-harp player Babe Peno back in the day. He also backs up local favorite Toni Reta Knott in an acoustic duo on occasion. Lonny brings in his style, expertise and showmanship to the band. He provides excellent backing harmonies and a few lead vocals. His major influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Scofield, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Paul Jones and Jaco Pastorius. Lonny is one of the original members in SOT since it's inception 4+ years ago.


Al B. – Bass Guitar



Al B played in a number of bands through the years performing both covers and original material.

His strong bottom end bass style compliments the style of the music he now plays to the tee.

His creative aptitude offers a steady rhythm that ideally compliments any percussion section.

 Al’s style of playing is heavily influenced by a large variety of favorites from smooth jazz to progressive rock bands and a whole lot in-between.   

Throughout the years Al has been credited with studio recordings and live fill in gigs for a number of local artists.

Al drives the rhythm section of SOT with a precision you would expect to hear from a pro. And he enjoys every minute of playing!

Lee Bodzioch – Drums/Vocals



Lee has been playing drums since junior high school when he was a member of the Concert and Marching band in the local public school system.  He got his first drum set – an old used set of Slingerlands, after seeing a band made up of classmates performing songs by a “little known” group at the time called the Beatles.   During his high school years he played in rock bands and was performing at school dances and outdoor concerts. He has always loved both playing and singing. Early influences were Keith Moon, Russ Kunkel, Steve Gadd and John Bonham. Lee grew up and went to college in Western Massachusetts. During that time he played in a variety of bands including Rock, General Business, Big Band and Country. He continues to perform in classic rock groups in the Boston area. Lee also provides strong backing and some lead vocals to SOT.